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7 important books to read for you

Here are 7 important books to read for you, that I have read myself. There was an article titled on a social media platform titled, “Most important books to read for success”. Since I am a business owner, my first response was curiosity books at the names of the books and then I thought to myself, “No thank you”. Some of these people read a lot and I wondered, “When do they have time to grocery shop, cook, dishes, laundry, and clean? They must have other people doing that.” Then I thought well those books really don’t appeal to me.

My next response was looking inward and doing an assessment of all the books I have read. Over the next couple weeks, I realized that I had been reading multiple books at the same time. In my OCD world I would think that was crazy and in my ADD life it works. I don’t use those acronyms lightly and I’m not making fun of anybody because these were diagnosis given to me and things I’ve had to work through. During my time of recovery, I decided to finish reading the books that were sitting by my bedside. 

My list of 7 books to read

  1. Entrepreneurial You by Dori Clark – learning great business ideas with multiple streams of income
  2. LinkedIn for Business by Entrepreneur magazine – applying specific strategies on this social media platform
  3. Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis – a self-help book for myself and things that I can share with my clients
  4. Life Lists for Women by Christian Art publishing – a devotional book for myself.
  5. The Holy Bible – my spiritual foundation
  6. Max Lucado – a weekly devotion that I do with my husband and I must admit it really helps to open up communication
  7. Romance/Mystery novels – gives my mind a break, to see different writing styles, and just love to disappear into the stories
  • I don’t read books every day, but these 7 important books to read for you are my active ones. If I had to guess how many books, I purchase within a year it could a dozen. If the first couple of pages of a book doesn’t move or interest me, I give it away.

Lisa Giesler, Speaker, Consultant, Professional Organizer, Author of Uncluttered: discovering strength and purpose in the chaos of life & My Life is a Mess: Organizing 101



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