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8 tips to a clear desk and productivity

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a clear desk and productivity in your life and business? A clutter free desk is not always reality for me, because I am a piler. An organizing client asked me, “What is a piler”. I said, “They’re two people in this world; those who just take their pieces of paper and stack them in piles all over their desk and there are others who file things away promptly”.  

Whenever I read great articles online, I print them for ideas and print emails of things to do. Then I put the papers on my desk. In addition, I have on my desk: mail, books, notepads, and my planner.

My favorite kind of desk is L-shape. This allows for space for my laptop, piles of paper, and my printer.

With a full schedule at times, my desk gets neglected for a couple of weeks and look very messy. So many things can be accomplished with our smart phones and iPhones that I do not have to be at my desk and computer. I realized that in order to be creative with my writing, I had to make changes. One of the changes was to have a clear desk and productivity.

Here are the 8 tips for your clear desk and productity

  1. Sort paperwork
  2. Toss paperwork that is no longer needed or relevant
  3. Create a pile of things to do and read
  4. My quick filing solution – I have a clear bin 14″x10″x5″, all paper and receipts go in there and then I deal with it tax time
  5. Use color binder clips to keep pages in order according to categories, paper clips get tangled. Place a sticky note on top to remind you of what action will be taken or if it is an idea
  6. My categories could be bills, record keeping, blog ideas, people to connect with, web updates, new products, upcoming speaking engagements, and calls to make
  7. Jot down ideas in one common notebook to avoid little pieces of paper
  8. Record in your calendar actions items and dates to be implemented

Once all the paperwork is in neat binder clips and stacked in a couple of piles on my desk; it is easier for me to be productive. I can then look at the stacks and decide what needs to be taken care of or what I want to do first. Being intentional is the best use of my time and I love a clear desk and productivity.

Lisa Giesler, Professional Organizer, Consultant, Coach, Speaker, Author of Uncluttered: discovering strength and purpose in the chaos of life & My Life is a Mess: Organizing 101


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