A boring and fun life

I have had over the years a boring and fun life. It may sound weird, but it is possible. Life can be a roller coaster ride filled with experiences, the ups and downs. Now that I have a grand-baby and I am past the age of 50, well maybe I am closing in on 60. I’ve gained a few lessons and perspectives in life, that I would like to share with you. I do understand that boring is not a word people use to compare their life, but I am being real.

Remember when you were in junior high and life seemed boring because you could not wait to get a car. Getting a car meant freedom from your parents so you could go anywhere you wanted. Once you got your car, life felt exciting as you drove your friends around. Then your mom and dad made you get a job and you did not have as much time to be independent or have fun. After high school, there was the thrill of going to parties with friends.

At some point I met my future husband. That was the next great season in my life. For me it meant getting away from my parents. After all I was an adult and I should be able to do things the way I want. I got married, my husband bought us a home, while we enjoyed doing life together. Then I had 2 children. Being a stay home mom was my goal, but no one told me it was going to hard and lonely at times. In addition to caring for little ones there was a house to clean, grocery shopping, cooking, dishes, and laundry, repeat. It felt mundane at times, with splashes of giggles from my boys.

Boring and fun life –

When my children started school, it was so awesome to get invited into the cool mom’s club. Once the initial enthusiasm wore off, I was faced with difficult people to volunteer and hang out with. My schedule felt exhausting ,because I still had children to feed and care for plus their activities and homework. Sometimes I just wanted to go back to the simple boring life of keeping my house cleaned. I did enjoy the season of staying home and caring for my sons. I was raising humans to be successful and I loved them dearly. There was always this little voice inside of me saying, “You are just a stay home mom”. I wanted to feel that I was accomplishing something bigger in life.

The next season –

I started my own business in 2008 and it was work, but I enjoyed the fun life that I was living.  It was great meeting and working with all kinds people. Participating in different activities, TV appearances, galas, writing for local magazines, and publishing a book was great. Imagine wearing pretty clothes, hair fixed, make up on point, and heels? This felt more glamorous than the no makeup, hair pulled back, and t-shirt and shorts wearing days. In 2018 I got into a car accident followed by taking sick and it felt like my life came to a screeching halt. Not being the one to just sit back all the time, I began reading, learning, and planning for what my next season could look like. Then Covid-19 hit.

A new perspective –

During this social distancing season I cried a lot at first. Then I put on my big girl panties and began having morning devotional times. You have to reset how you look at things. When I looked back at my life, I began to appreciate all the seasons that I had experienced. I am now cherishing the quiet and simple moments of life. I had gotten so caught up with all the activities of being a business owner, that I was not valuing the small and important things. That thought made me think – I can have a boring and fun life, but it’s how I view it.

Now, I am enjoying doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, gardening, and going outside with my grand-baby. There has also been this reset of how my business looks like. It is a slower pace, but I am enjoying blogging and helping women in their lives, homes, and different transitions. The season of being at home, recovering from the car accident, and sickness felt hard, but I would not trade it for anything. Every season has become – no regrets, lessons learned, strength gained, and my faith has kept me.  Our attitude makes all the difference, that we can have a boring and fun life and enjoy all the moments in between.

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Lisa Giesler, Speaker, Professional Organizer, Author of Uncluttered: discovering strength and purpose in the chaos of life.

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