Are you free to dance

Are you free to dance?  What makes you feel like dancing?  Close your eyes and envision the space. It is usually a wide-open place to twirl around, spin, and dance, nothing holding you back. Dancing always makes me feel happy.

Think about your thoughts, are they free to dance and do the things you want to do? Many times, when my office space and calendar is cluttered with paperwork and things to do, I feel stifled.  As a professional organizer, I have my check list and I am productive, but sometimes I do not feel like dancing.

The master bedroom in my home is an uncluttered space. I can read, dream, write, and dance in my thoughts and my room.  That brings me joy. I love to be creative. How does your home look? Is it cluttered? Does it bring you joy? Many times, our spaces can be a reflection of what is going on inside of us (you can read about it in my 2nd book, Uncluttered: discovering strength and purpose in the chaos of life). Once you can identify what is going on internally, it makes organizing easier and you feel free to dance.

How to feel free to dance

One morning I woke up and looked at social media. I began to feel down at all the fun activities I missed during weekend, due to working and other factors. My life suddenly did not feel fun, but I stopped and wrote in my journal to myself and God.  A song came into my heart and mind and I wanted to dance. YouTube is my favorite place to find songs. Be sure to subscribe to my channel.

Instead of thinking about the Saturday activities I missed; I thought about the blue sky, gentle wind, hibiscus blooming, and the family and friendships I have. In other words, I had to declutter my thoughts to be free to dance.

If you need help feeling free to dance, contact me, I’d love to guide you in the process of becoming uncluttered and finding your joy.

Lisa Giesler, Author, Motivational Speaker, Coach, Consultant

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