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19 Best Organizing Products

The phrase “best organizing products” usually makes people think about the perfect home. Now I know as a professional organizer that it’s more than that. The most common question that I am asked is – what are your best organizing products? I’ve been in business for over 13 years and of course, I’ve been organizing and decluttering my home since I was a little girl. Not sure why that question used to give me the deer in the headlights stare. At the moment I couldn’t think of anything offhand. I realized I did have favorite products that I like to use.

Here are some of my 19 best products and solutions that I use personally and for my clients.

Bookcases and decorative baskets are great storage solutions in public areas.

Over the door storage solutions are efficient ways to organize and gain more space.

This has been a true favorite and so versatile. Here it is used as a gift wrapping cart. I have used it for snacks and crafts for my home organizing clients.

Most closets do not have enough shelf space for shoes. You can install shelves, use cabinet shelves (usually in kitchen cabinets for dishes), or you can place a small bookcase in your closet. Creativity and resourcefulness is the key.

Instead of having junk drawers all over your home, use drawer organizers to contain like with like items. Great way to keep things neat and tidy.

With the use of a pegboard and hooks found at your local hardware store, this is an awesome way to organize necklaces so they don’t get tangled.

Containerizing like with like is the best way to store all those small toiletry items in your bathroom. Each container is a category and having it all match is a win.

I just love Lazy Susan and turn tables! The new ones have high sides to prevent tall items from falling over. You can use them in any space in your home. I love having my vitamins and supplements near my coffee pot (so I remember to take them) and off the counter.

For those that wear scarves, you know that storage can be challenging. This photo shows taking a bottom rod in the closet and tying the scarves on. They are easy to see and you can avoid wrinkles.

I just love cooking and I love an organized pantry. There are expandable 3 tier shelves that work great for cans and jars, especially to see in the back. Clear, plastic, and stackable containers with labels are perfect for your dry goods.

This is not a product, but it shows the efficiency of storing like with like items. It looks tidy and helps when putting things away. Keeping your kitchen organized.

Small bathrooms can have storage challenges. This powder room has storage under the cabinet sink while making use of the wall. One shelf is for hand towels and the basket is for the used hand towels. I love the creativity with this Farm House look.

To avoid clutter on top of your refrigerator place decorative items there. If you do need the space for storage then you may want to opt for pretty containers.

The best way to store plastic containers, go cups, and their lids are to use larger plastic storage baskets. I do not recommend placing the lid and stacking them unless you know they are totally dry. What happens is the items that are infrequently used can become moldy. Yes, I have seen it happen.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog of my favorite organizing products. For more ideas and tips, sign up for my newsletter and follow me on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook. For that specific question, contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation.

Lisa Giesler, Life Transition Specialist, Professional Organizer, Author

Disclaimer – All photo’s were taken by me and placed in the pic-collage app.

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