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Comfort Food And A Good Book

Comfort food and a good book can soothe our anxiety.  Covid-19 has exposed how way we handle stress. Think about it; the mask, social distancing, hand sanitizers, and how we used to do life. Comfort food has been a go-to for many people to temporarily soothe anxiety. Too much ice cream and cookies can add to the scale and waistline. Now you have a new anxiety to think about. If I am in the right mood, a good book is a much healthier option to help me fall asleep. Staying asleep is a whole different conversation.

Depending on how you were raised comfort food can look widely different. I think commercials on TV can be such an influencer. You know the commercial that comes on and suddenly you are in the car going to get your ice cream – milkshake – cookie combination. What about a pizza commercial? Sugar and carbs are such a weakness to me. It would be nice if I could just eat the recommended serving size and be satisfied. Nope that is not me. I started eating carb friendly ice cream. The outside of the pint size container shows that it is only 320 calories with 6 g of carbohydrate, not too bad. What was a shock is finding out that there are four servings in that little teeny carton? So, let’s multiply the calories by four and I don’t have to wonder why the scale is rising and my pants don’t fit. This quarantine and social distancing have made it oh so real in how many people handle stress.

On the positive note, this time of being home I have been able to catch up on a lot of reading. The books that I had purchased and were collecting dust, have now been read. I will put a blog out on the topic of my favorites. But the different books I read included: inspirational, business, and marketing strategies. Unfortunately, these don’t help me to relax me and fall asleep. I do love to read a suspenseful who done it with romance involved. Those type of novels usually have a plot twist and it is hard to put them down until you have read the whole book and then fall asleep

Some women during this season have been clearly aware of their drinking and shopping.  Social drinking is perfectly acceptable; but is it acceptable to social distancing drink with your friends virtually and how often is too much? Is it social drinking, when your dog is looking at you with a side eye? For other women shopping used to soothe their anxiety and now they are stuck in the house with only ability to shop online. When the delivery driver knows you buy name, then you may have been buying a little too much. Can you relate?

Whereas comfort food and a good book may have the ability to temporarily soothe anxiety or to distract you; they don’t provide lasting satisfaction. But I came to realize for me is that I needed to have the ability to settle my spirit. The things that help me are reading, stretching, deep breathing, and quoting my favorite Bible scriptures. I also like to create checklist and organize. Yes, I know that making checklist can seem like a dorky thing to do, but writing things down, including reminding myself don’t eat desserts, somehow helps me to feel in control.

What is it that helps you in moments of anxiety? I challenge you to write a few things down. If you would like some help and some conversation, contact me and I can guide you in finding an activity to soothe you.

Lisa Giesler, Speaker, Consultant, Professional Organizer, Author of Uncluttered: discovering strength and purpose in the chaos of life.


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