The Covid Way To Celebrate My Birthday

Covid Way To Celebrate

This year I have had to celebrate my birthday Covid way. If you’re one of those people, whose birthday lies between mid-March and now you are in that group. For those of you who know me or have read my second book – Uncluttered: discovering strength and purpose in the chaos of life, know that my birthday is extremely important to me. At first, I felt kind of disappointed at the thought that my birthday would not come with a lot of fanfare and shopping. I am from a big Italian family from New Orleans, so party is the word, accompanied by wall-to-wall people, food, cake, and well wishes. But this year it was not going to happen the same way.

Now I know that it is not just about my birthday, it’s been about weddings and graduations as well. One of the things that has come out of how to celebrate social distancing or Covid way has been the appreciation for the small things that really matter. I have watched the drive-by and front yard social distancing celebrations on social media and the joy that came; knowing that your friends and loved ones got in the car to drive by and wave.


For my husband’s birthday in April, we had a few family and friends that drove by our house. It was complete with streamers, signs, and blowing a horn’s, while I delivered cupcakes to the vehicles complete with mask and gloves.

The Covid way to celebrate my birthday this past weekend, felt extremely special this year. One daughter-in-law baked my cake, a son cooked the meal, my husband wrote me a beautiful letter and permission to order cute shirts online, and then there was the card from my 2-year granddaughter, with her hand outlined by her mom and colored by her. One friend of mine had flowers delivered, another friend dropped off a gift at my porch, as well as all the cards mailed, and Facebook greetings. As much as I love the extravagant, there has been so much more meaning in the simplicity of how we celebrate right now.

Lisa Giesler, Author, Consultant, Speaker, Professional Organizer

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