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In Defense of a Messy Home

I read an article in defense of having a messy home and why it’s OK to have clutter and dirt. As a professional organizer with 14 years of experience in business, plus my own life growing up. I will attempt to debunk these seven myths.

  1. The first thing on the list is that people need stuff. This may be true, but too much stuff can wreak havoc on our lives. There is the stress of not being able to find things and the time it takes to clean.
  • A messy space encourages creative minds. That may be true, but it does not help with productivity. When you can’t find things, you waste time. When you don’t keep a planner, you forget to do something or miss appointments. Thus  causing problems
  • A clean home isn’t a happy home. Again this is true, but a dirty home isn’t a pleasant home either. The clutter can be a source of stress among one of the partners or family members. And you’re not teaching your children good habits
  • I have heard it said; a little dirt is not going to hurt you. People who live in very cluttered and messy homes have a hard time cleaning around all the stuff. Dirty dishes and kitchen counters breed bugs wall-to-wall becomes impossible to sweep or vacuum that aggravates dust allergies
  • There is the fear that if you throw something away, you’ll need it later. I had a boss tell me one time the cost of storing it doesn’t always justify the cost of keeping it. How much is the cost to replace it, and is there another alternative to use
  • Over the centuries, clutter has been a fashion decorating statement. That’s fine. I still will hold the card that it’s hard to keep your home clean and maintain with so much stuff. How much time does it take to clean all that stuff and knickknacks? 
  • Wrapping up the list is saving only items that you love. I’ve had clients say they love their hundreds of shoes. It doesn’t matter that they have worn the shoes once and have no storage space for them. The same can be for any item in your home that you love. Decluttering is not about making you feel guilty. Becoming decluttered is about feeling free, appreciating the things you save, and enjoying your surroundings.

Are you ready to live clutter free?

So if you’ve been riding the fence about your clutter and getting organized, if you had made excuses, but deep down, you know you’re not 100% happy with your living space, contact me. I will guide you and won’t make you throw everything away. You will be provided with tips to consider and ideas to implement

Lisa Giesler – Author of Uncluttered, Life Transition Specialist, Professional Organizer

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