Enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and nature to feel happy

Life can go by so fast that we forget to go outside and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and nature. My son, daughter-in-law, and grandbaby are currently living with me and my husband. On days where I am not working with a client, I usually do office work. One morning, a couple of months ago, I decided to take my granddaughter, Lilah, for a short walk outside. She was 14 months old.

I started by holding her hand, she let go of my hand and began to stare at the leaves blowing in the wind. Lilah was fascinated by the sound of the squirrels and birds as they jumped from tree to tree. She began to walk and would periodically stop to pick up a stick, pine needles, or touch the grass. Watching her stand there in such wonderment and awe; I realized I had forgotten to enjoy the fresh air and nature. Toward the end of our walk, she found my potted hibiscus and decided it would be fun to play in the dirt. I then picked her up to show her the blooming fuchsia-colored Hibiscus flower.

Fresh air and nature to avoid burnout

I have had seasons in life where I am so busy with working and getting things done that I was feeling burned out. My solution was usually to take a nap. Taking time for a vacation didn’t always seem possible. The problem was that the more time I spent in bed, the less content I felt.  I realized at some point my creativity was not as sharp.

That first morning that I took Lilah for a walk, I knew what I had been missing. It was stopping to go outside to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and nature that God has provided for us. I remembered as a child that I loved to sit outside on porches and look towards the sky. The sky has no ceiling and your imagination and creativity can soar.

Make it a priority to refresh by going outside and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and nature. You’ll be surprised at how happy you will feel when you go back inside. For more conversations with me, visit my YouTube Channel and Facebook Page.

Lisa Giesler, Professional Organizer, Life Coach, and Author

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