Hidden Treasures in a Garage Sale

Have you ever found a hidden treasures in a garage sale? When my husband and I bought our first home, I was anxious to decorate it. At the time there was not Pinterest to guide me. Magazines were the inspiration for decorating. This may sound silly now, but I did not know that they were places to buy decor. The only place I knew was at the five and dime store or garage sales. My girlfriends and I would get the local newspaper on Thursday afternoons. We would look at the classified ads, map out the garage sales that looked promising, and decide which one first. Certain neighborhoods had good stuff.  We didn’t want to miss out on being late. Oddly enough it was a win to get to a sale at closing time because people just want to get rid of the remaining items.

It was an absolute thrill to feel like you were treasure hunting. Some days we did not get too many items. There were days that I enjoyed finding something that I liked for a good price. Then there were bonus days where you would find something that was hidden treasures in a garage sale.

After a while, I began connecting with antique dealers to learn more. My shopping became strategic. I would find items: to buy for myself, trade for something I wanted, or just sell to make money. Fast forward to 2020 and I still love antiques. What is great is that vintage is trending.

Hidden Treasures

I am a professional organizer and assist people in organizing their homes and with moving or downsizing. There have been clients who wanted to have an estate sale. With my background in antiques and having taken a course recently, I am able to give feedback. Some of the items I recommend donating. Then there are homes where I connect them to my favorite estate sale company, Solomon Sales. This blog post is a recent piece of vintage art with a value of $13,000.

Every once in a while, I run across an item that is of great value. People are surprised because they thought it was just junk. The stories that I could share are many. Before you throw something away, contact me, or professional in your area because there may be hidden treasures in a garage sale.

Lisa Giesler, Life Coach, Professional Organizer, Speaker, Author

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