Holiday Decorating and Gift Ideas

Holiday decorating and gift ideas may or may not be on your mind, but let’s talk about it. Before you know it, it will be Thanksgiving and that means it is time to decorate for Christmas.  I love the feeling of Christmas music playing and cookies baking in the oven.  It is a lot of work and I usually devote a half-day for holiday decorating. Prep work is involved, aka bribing my children to help. This year is different, both sons are married and my husband and I are doing it solo. You know this professional organizer has a plan.  Yep, when the last son moved out, we converted his closet as Christmas storage.  No more climbing in and out of the attic.  The challenge remains for the un-decorating.  It’s much more fun to set up than put away. Have you seen those neighbors who still have their lights up in February? Hahaha

Don’t you just love looking at all the Christmas decorations? Have you ever made impulsive purchases and realized, you bought new decorations last year? You are not alone.

Holiday Decorating

Here are 7 tips to help you with your decorating.

  1. Before purchasing, take an inventory of the Christmas decorations you have
  2. Discard the broken or damaged ornaments and decorations
  3. Donate the items you don’t want to use
  4. Look on Pinterest for fun ideas
  5. Know the color or theme that you want to have
  6. Make a wish list of what you would like to buy for the tree or other spaces in your home
  7. Buy red or green containers to store Christmas decorations and orange containers for Fall holidays (this will help you to easily access your decorations)

Gift giving ideas

If your family and friends will be exchanging gifts, here are 9 tips for gift-giving:

  1. Ask parents about gift suggestions for their children
  2. Before you shop, check your closets for hiding gifts
  3. Make a list of who you want to buy for and budget
  4. Know the person you are shopping for by asking questions
  5. Consider purchasing gift cards for restaurants or their favorite store
  6. Consumable gifts such as cookie baskets, coffee, fruit, cheese, and crackers, or other food items can be wonderful
  7. Just ask the person, “Give me some suggestions on what you would like, you’re going to get a gift, so you might as well like it!” (True story)
  8. No No’s – unless you know their taste, size or collections of items, refrain from clothes, decorations, and stationary
  9. If a family member is struggling, you may want to purchase a gift card for groceries

If you have questions concerning decorating for the holidays and gift-giving, contact me

Lisa Giesler, Professional Organizer, Life Coach, Speaker, Author


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