how to be an original

How to be an original

How to be an original can be a difficult question because being an original is easier said than done. I remember growing up with the need to have friends and fit into the cool crowd.  I was in the popular group, but it was not always a simple thing to do.

I think I was a rebel at heart. I always wanted to be liked, to make good grades, to obey, and to have fun, but did not want to dress or act like everyone. Alas the conflict. Fun at times would only be in my mind. I was afraid to let “the real Lisa” slip out and that I would be unliked. You see I was loud, outspoken, but secretly had compassion on the outcasts.

Somewhere into adulthood I realized that the same game was being played out with moms.  The pressure was on to have a scholar or an athlete as a child.  I tried to teach my sons how to be an original, but peer pressure can be so hard. I came to realize that many people really did not want you to be an original, but just to be like them.  It was so hard on my first born to that he wanted to quit school. My husband used to tell my boys growing up “do your best and always be the best you can be.”

So here I stand now having my own business with 2 books and yep, you guessed it, peer pressure.  Most of you know I am a little outspoken and don’t always fit into the society molds. Those nasty little remarks by others do hurt.

Be you, be an original

An interesting thing: I began using my newsletter, which had been used for organizing tips, with reflective and lamenting stories. I shared all my faults and struggles, and my readers loved it. The women began responding with comments such as “Thank you for sharing that.”  I asked Rebecca why she thought people liked hearing that my house and my life were a mess. She said, “People like to know you are real, Lisa, and they can relate. I like knowing you are not perfect.” Excerpt from Uncluttered.

When it was time to edit my 2nd book Uncluttered: Discovering Strength and Purpose in the Chaos of Life; my publisher Casey Cease from Lucid books said, “We want to keep your voice, it’s a little scrappy and rough, but it’s enduring, it’s real, people want realness.” 

As I spoke to groups about – Becoming Uncluttered, I finally found my own courage to become uncluttered, just be me, and how to be an original. Who makes the rules?  Rules can be stifling. I broke the rules and the legalism. I feel free and happy. I still want to do what’s right. But the rules no longer hold me prisoner. At times it is just me. I just want to laugh and dance through every aspect of life. There will be moments of sadness, but I want to celebrate the victories, dream big, believe big, and run through the open doors of life. The freedom is so amazing.

Time to be yourself

If someone does criticize me, I do stop and see if there is any truth that I need to address or correct.  Life is meant to be enjoyed and to love others for who they are.

If this is an area you would like to talk about more, contact me I would enjoy the opportunity to guide you one conversation at a time.

Lisa Giesler, Author, Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Professional Organizer

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