How to celebrate our differences

Do you know how to celebrate our differences? The first way is to know and embrace who you are. The second thing is, get to know who others are. The third thing is to ask yourself, “Have I judged them based on first impressions or what others have said?”  Once you have answered the first 3 things consider this: you may be surprised as to how much you have in common with others outside of your circle.  

A few things about me, I talk loud, fast, and a lot sometimes. I attend events, laugh, and dance, but may leave early. Privately my family and close friends know another side of me. They know when I’m a little bit overwhelmed or mad, I shut down for a while to rest, process, and rejuvenate. I can be outgoing and friendly but tend to pull inward at times; that’s my way to regroup.

I’ve gotten more things accomplished in my life than I ever dreamed possible. During my childhood and early adulthood, I was told what I was not capable of but pushed through anyway. Knowing that I have made a difference in the lives of others has been fulling. Encouraging and making people smile, while giving solutions to their challenges is such a high to me. Knowing what I have been through in life and helping others is how I celebrate our differences.

Yes, I know I drink a lot of coffee and I like a lot of whip cream on top. When I gave up coffee my brain was foggy. I have ADHD and don’t take drugs for that, my doctor recommended for me to drink coffee. If I skip my coffee, I get a headache and become grumpy. I have some health challenges because of missed diagnoses over the years from other doctors. I do struggle with depression and anxiety but I’m still moving forward despite past abuse. Currently, I’m unable to do as much as I used to because I was in a bad car accident. I  am thankful to be alive and not paralyzed. I’m wearing athletic shoes right now because of past injuries, but I do prefer cute shoes.

Celebrating Our Differences

Don’t tell me to calm down when I get excited about things that motivate or inspire me. Ask me to do something for you and I’ll make it happen. If someone is quiet, don’t assume they are calm. Yes, I’m a neat freak and have made it a business. My husband is sometimes messy, but it helps to balance me. Organizing is what I do for my therapy, some women like to shop. Shopping gives me anxiety. Some women have to make their bed every day, others want to have their clothes put away right away, me I need the sink empty. I love to read and do want to save the planet, but don’t say anything to me when I print things off my computer. Being a tactile learner makes listening to a podcast or looking at the screen difficult.

Out of politeness and wanting people to like me, I put up with criticism for many. Not anymore. The goal is how to celebrate our differences and not to make people act like you.

Now, think about who you are and what do. Have their been things that people criticized you for and made you upset? Do we have similarities and differences? Of course and we didn’t even discuss religion and politics. We are a product of our upbringing and have responded differently to situations. I say all of this for others to understand that they may not know what’s going on in someone’s life and that we are all different. You don’t have to explain who you are or change. When you see someone different than you and is moving forward in life, cheer them on. This is how to celebrate our differences

Lisa Giesler, Professional Organizer, Life Coach, Author

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