How To Stop Procrastinating

How to stop procrastinating and get things done? You know that you are not lazy, but what should you do to get motivated? You believe you have other things to do and that is the reason you have not started the project.

Have you ever said to yourself; “After I do this, then I will do that”?  I tend to be OCD. Whenever I am getting ready to write a new blog, I like to get my surroundings in order.  I go on a cleaning and organizing frenzy.  I make sure the sink in clean, the desk is clear and polished. My paperwork is stacked in neat piles with color-coded paperclips on the table next to my desk. There have been times where I have redecorated. After reviewing my calendar and my checklists and the little things that have been accomplished, I take a short nap. When I wake up, I am usually ready to either start blogging or get distracted with another project. Other times when I have a full schedule of organizing clients, no blogging gets done at all.  Who would expect me to blog after I have worked all day?

Stop Procrastinating

I never thought of myself as a procrastinator, but the moment came.  I was getting out of my car in the Houston, Texas heat and noticed that my grass was dry. As I walked across the lawn to my front door, it made a crunching sound.  Not good.  My grass needed watering.  It rains a lot in New Orleans, where I am from, so I never had to think about it before.  I walked into the house and proceeded to write on my (to do) list – turn on the sprinkler.  I suddenly had a light bulb moment. “Why don’t you go turn it on now and stop procrastinating”, I thought. 

Before writing this blog, I decided to research procrastination to see if there was a great solution to this dilemma that many people struggled with. An online newspaper had a great article. After reading, I realized that it is something we work to overcome.  There was no guaranteed strategy on how to stop procrastinating.

As a business owner, I know that to be successful I have to discipline myself in a way that works for me.  I have a great friend that I regularly have coffee with; she does not baby me at all when I complain about everything I need to do.  For me, having someone to hold me accountable with my checklist helps me. The same applies to laundry; the clothes do not clean themselves.

How to get things done

Many times, the days come and go, and we wish we knew how to stop procrastinating. I get it because I have struggled with depression, anxiety, and insomnia for most of my adult life. This is not a good mix when you have a full schedule of clients that you are working for as their move coordinator and home organizer. The show must go on whether I feel like it or not.

There was an article recently of a young girl who wanted to become stronger. She could barely do one push up, but she gave herself a 100-day challenge. She recorded her journey on YouTube. Her results were amazing, but the thing that inspired me the most was her discipline. This girl did not wait for her conditions to become optimum. She didn’t go to a gym or wear fancy work out clothes, but she started with one push up. At the end of the 100 days, she was stronger.

My turning point was to create a daily and weekly checklist of things I want to do For me today, I celebrate that I made my bed, got dressed, had devotional time, and completed this blog. For the win, I had dinner prepared. That is how you get things done. For a list of My Favorite Time Management TipsBalancing It All, join my newsletter.

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