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Six basic tips for organizing any space

You’re probably reading this blog because you want tips for organizing. The title feels right, you just want the 6 basic steps for how to get organized. Many people decide they are ready when they can’t find that important receipt, they lost a shoe, it’s almost impossible to walk into the closet, and that scary pile of mail and paperwork keeps growing.

As a professional organizer who has worked with hundreds of clients, I’ve seen a lot. I understand where you are, and you may be feeling stressed. In this blog are 6 basic tips for organizing any space whether it’s a junk drawer, closet, pantry, or garage you name it.

If you have many spaces to organize, it is better to start with a small area. This helps you to get a feel for things and to be confident with the next project. So, let’s tackle your junk drawer.

How to get organized

  1. Clear an adjacent area or space as a staging area, you may want to use countertops, tables, or the floor. You need this area because you’re getting ready to drag things out.
  2. Sort items into piles – things that you want to keep in your “junk/ utility drawer”.
  3. Relocate items that belong to a different area of your home.
  4. Discard or donate. Ask yourself, is it damaged, does the cost of repair justify saving it, and does it still work/fit? If you not do have room to store it or if you can’t see yourself using it again, then let it go.
  5. Storage solutions. Somewhere in the journey of sorting and purging, you may have decided whether you’re going to repurpose storage containers or if you’re ready to purchase new ones. If you are ready to purchase new ones, I’d recommend you look at Instagram and see what styles you like. Be sure to measure your length x width x depth or height, then calculate the size and volume of items that you are keeping.
  6. Place items that you are keeping into their new home. You want items to be in a convenient location that makes sense to you. Also, keep in mind like with like items. This helps to remember where you have stored things.

If you still need help, be sure to contact me lisa@lisagiesler.com or Instagram for fun pictures, quotes, and videos.

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