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Do you have a great idea, but need to know how to start a home-based business successfully? That is a common question that I love to answer for people. I started my professional organizing business with an idea and writing a book in November 2003. After a lot of research and phone calls, I put out the sign and started my business. I knew how to organize spaces in homes, but didn’t understand how to run a successful business. The turning point and success in my business was at a business networking conference. A friend challenged me to sign up for a business coaching program. When I completed the program, I thought, “Where have you been at all of my life?” There were a lot of costly mistakes that I could’ve avoided. Now, after 12+ years in business and 2 published books, I’m excited to help others who are just getting started.

Tips for how to start a home based business successfully

  1. Decide if you’ll be selling products or services
  2. Visit your local SBA (small business association) to find out any laws or licensing about your business and if you need insurance
  3. Join a group that either sells the products or services you’re selling
  4. Take as many courses as possible to learn what you can, you want to make sure this is what you would like to do
  5. Find out what it cost to run a business, what is your budget, and how much money you need to make.
  6. Understand the reality of how long it may take to generate the income that you need
  7. Choose a couple of names, do research to find out if it is being used before deciding
  8. Set up a DBA or LLC
  9. Buy the domain name and get the social media accounts with the name
  10. Create an office area in your home
  11. Set up a business banking account in that name
  12. Create a website, this becomes your business location on how people find you
  13. Hire a CPA or QuickBooks certified tax pro to set up your finances
  14. Begin marketing your business, depending on your budget the sky is the limit. The easiest and simplest way is telling family and friends and sharing on social media. For online marketing, you should understand keywords and other SEO strategies. Network with other local business people to give business referrals.
  15. Create an operations manual for your business so that it is turn-key and an important part of how to start a home-based business successfully.

Running your own home-based business successfully is a lot of work, but can be very fulfilling. It’s important to understand all the facts and not make costly mistakes. The goal is to be as profitable as quickly as possible. If you’d like a free copy of my Operations Manual template that you can use as a guide for your business, by joining my newsletter.  

Lisa Giesler, Professional Organizer, Life Coach, Speaker, Author

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