Start by decluttering your home and life

Start by decluttering your home and life is exactly what I do to make changes for myself. My home is organized but my head and beliefs sometimes are not. There was a season in my life where I felt it was time to get my beliefs and thoughts decluttered. It wasn’t until I was in the messy process of getting organized that I realize how much my thoughts had held me back. If you’re feeling stuck and unable to achieve your goals or can’t ever seem to get your home in order; you may be ready to get uncluttered.

Start by decluttering

The first question that you have to ask yourself is, “What am I holding onto? As a professional organizer and life coach, I have seen a lot of interesting things that people hold onto. The items that I have seen include: rocks, baby dolls, dried flowers, dishes, children’s artwork, bottle caps, plastic cups, key chains, cake-takers, and the list goes on. When I ask my clients, “What does this mean to you?”, I am met with an array of emotions. For some people, it represents a happy memory and for others, it is the last memory of a now-deceased loved one.

There are others that struggle with fear and guilt, such as: “I might need that” or “My sister will be mad if I get rid of this, she gave it to me.” Do you also feel overwhelmed at the thought of organizing and do nothing. What I have observed is that sometimes our outward surroundings can be a reflection of what is going on the inside.

Time to achieve your goals

In my own life, I was holding onto negative beliefs about myself that were said to me growing up. I unknowingly allowed clutter in my mind to stop me from going after my dreams and goals. At some point in our lives, we should look at which items, activities, or beliefs we have been holding onto. If it no longer serves us or gives us joy, we should release them. Once you start by decluttering our home and life, you will see that it is a freeing experience. You can have a breakthrough in all areas of your life, achieve your goals, and be happy.

Lisa Giesler, Professional Organizer, Life Coach, and Author

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