What is the best clothes hanger

As a professional organizer, “What is the best clothes hanger?” is frequently asked question. One of my friends posted a picture from the movie Mommie Dearest, showing the quote, “No more wire hangers!” Did you see that movie? Her status was that she was currently replacing all her wire hangers with the super cool felt ones for her closet organizing.

I laughed because people makes this a lighthearted joke, but the struggle is real. Wire hangers are not attractive, and they tangle easy on the closet rod. Although, I am not a fan of felt hangers, I have replaced my wire hangers. 

Choosing the best clothes hanger

Anyway, I was at one of my home organizing and maintenance client’s home. That’s a mouth full and if you want more information, you can click my website page. Off the rabbit trail and back to the story. My client’s husband only uses the dry cleaners for his work shirts and pants. You can imagine after 2 weeks that it is a lot of clothes. Below is a photo of the hall closet. This couple is way too busy to stop and take the plastic off the clothes and proceed to swap the wire hanger with another hanger. Kind of defeats the purpose of the dry cleaners taking care of it for you. It’s not a priority or good use of their time, especially with young children and both working.

So, why do I share this? Because, I want you to know that it is OK to use wire hangers. It’s your preference. The point is to have clean clothes, hung up in the closet, and not on the floor in a pile.

If you need help with your choosing the clothes hanger or helping you to organize your closet, contact me. Distance is not a problem with virtual organizing, ask how.

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