There are seasons in life where we can feel stuck with all the clutter in our spaces and in our mind (those thoughts and beliefs that have guided us). We are all, it’s important for me to understand who you are and what the bigger picture is in your life. Ask if Virtual Organizing is right for you.
Lisa Giesler - Life Coach

Life Coaching

With a background in ministerial counselling; I can guide you in the conversation in helping you to understand the direction that you want to go into. Whether it is:
  • Starting a business
  • Writing a book or
  • Just needing an objective ear in how you implement and fine tune those ideas
Life Transitions workshop by Lisa Giesler

Life Transitions Specialist

A birth, death, marriage, divorce, job status change, retirement, or illness can all require a response in our living situation. I can help you walk through many of the decisions that you may need to make.
Space organizer

Organizing Consulting

During our first assessment appointment I will walk through all your spaces and ask a few questions. This allows me to get the big picture of what you need. I will help you with:
  • An action plan with tips that you can choose to implement right away
  • Professional organizer for hands-on organizing
Time Management workshop by Lisa Giesler

Time Management and Productivity

During our first appointment, we will discuss all the activities and tasks that you are currently trying to balance. From there I will assist you in:
  • Creating a check list
  • Prioritizing things you need to do or want to do
  • Tips to be more productive and enjoy life
  • Services available for businesses
Move Coordinator - Lisa Giesler

Move Coordinator

It can be an exciting and stressful time with so many decisions to be made. I can assist you with all your relocation needs offering á la carte moving services/ move coordination to assist you every step of your move:
  • Staging
  • Pre-sorting, purging, packing
  • Floor plan layout
  • Options for donations versus estate sale
  • Labeling and color coding the different areas
  • Unpacking
other services

Additional services

I can help your project flow smoothly. Some of these services include:
  • Virtual Organizing
  • Research for the best options for your project
  • Obtaining resources
  • Shopping
  • Household project coordinating
  • Filing and mail sorting
  • Virtual assistance
  • And conversations for your next steps
During our first conversation, I’d like to understand what your goals, concerns, and challenges are. From there I can recommend to you tips and services for you to be organized and productive in all areas of your life. My heart is for you to live your best life with joy and purpose. Are you ready for your next season?  Schedule your FREE 15 minute discovery call. Ask if virtual organizing is right for you.